And the Award for Most Organised Restaurant in Split Goes to... Chops Grill!

By , 06 Jun 2014, 12:22 PM Restaurants
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I have spent a lot of time with restaurant owners in Dalmatia since I started the Total Project in October 2011. A lot.

I love them for their diversity, not only of food, but also their philosphy, approach and personality. There are several who drive me crazy with their inability to pick up the phone, or answer an email, others who run unique restaurants in remote locations, where the concept of promotion is alien to them.

And then there is Chops Grill. 

I am a recent convert to Chops, having only eaten there recently for the first time, but I quickly became aware that I was missing something special. It wasn't just the steak, which was outstanding, or the service, which was great. It was something else. Chops Grill was organised, professional and with a clear indication of where it was going.

I had been talking for front of house Jasmina for a couple of minutes before I got a measure of the place. Behind that relaxed and warm welcome was clearly a very professional approach. 

Fresh. That was how I felt after lunch at Chops. It was clean, it was spacious, it was chilled. 

Located just off Marmontova, it felt like I was escaping the tourist hordes. Certainly one of the good chilling options in the centre, especially as they do breakfast.

But why do they get my vote as the most organised?

That comes with the follow up. As I was running late (what me, never?), I asked Jasmina to send me some information about the restaurant, so I could write about it. This is a standard request from me, and it is always instructive to see how a restaurant responds to that request, if they respond at all.  

What I received was the most organised email ever from a restaruant, a link to an online folder, with information about the restaurant, all neatly divided into menus, food photos, exterior photos, information about the chef.  

The pictures made me hungry, and they are working. As soon as I finish this blog, I am off for a little light lunch at Chops.

Fresh. Clean. Professional. And very chilled.

Kamila Tončića 4 (just off the Marmontova main street, across the bronze cup sculpture).

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