Speedboats, Snorkelling, Trogir and the Blue Lagoon: Excape from Split with Sugaman

By , 22 May 2014, 13:20 PM
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Another day, another discovery in the palace...

A nice thing is happening in Split - tourist agencies are appearing in the city determined to offer something different. The classics such as Plitvice, Krka National Park and the day trip to the island can all still be done of course, and with plenty of options, but there has been a refreshing change and innovation of the last few years. Wine tourism, offroad exploring in the hinterland are but two examples, and as I prepare for a Game of Thrones premiere at Klis Fortress this evening, one can be sure that this diversity is a welcome addition to Split's already rich tourism offer. 

My discovery today was opposite Hotel Slavija in the old town, where behind a metal door lies one of the newest agencies in town, Sugaman Tours. The office is tasteful and modern, the English flawless and the welcome warm. Sugaman is a dialect word for 'beach towel' and it gives an indication of where this agency's focus is headed - towards the sea. 

They specialise in sea tours, with some quite innovative ideas, and we will be featuring some of them in the coming weeks, but I thought I would start by this excellent tour to the Blue Lagoon, with a little speedboat foor, some great snorkelling and a panoramic cruise of the UNESCO old town of Trogir thrown in. Check out the details below - looks like a great day out.


Just 15 nm out of Split and nestled amongst 3 small islands is the incredible Blue Lagoon, a secluded shoal with brilliant turquoise water, perennial sunshine and a sandy seabed reminiscent of a tropical paradise. Krknjaši bay on the island of Veli Drvenik is known as The Blue Lagoon for its incredible hue of crystal clear water. Adding to its beauty and forming a naturally protected cove are the nearby islets of big (Veliki) and small (Mali) Krknjas. This is a true hidden paradise, unspoiled by modern developments or crowds of people. The unusual sandy sea floor and the immaculate shallow water creates a unique tropical paradise in the middle of Dalmatia.

• Visit the “Adriatic's tropical paradise” – the Blue Lagoon
• Swim in the turquoise sea while admiring the view of the surrounding islands
• Experience the calm and beautiful marine life by snorkelling
• Enjoy the panoramic view of the UNESCO-protected city of Trogir

What you will experience

Admire the hard-to-forget picture of Split as we begin our tour on a speedboat. While that memory lingers, in the blink-of-an-eye we will reach the Blue Lagoon. Relax in this attractive place with brilliant turquoise water, everlasting sunshine and a sandy seabed, which will certainly fulfil all your dreams of a tropical paradise.
Since the Blue Lagoon is the perfect place to explore the colourful underwater world, use your time there to swim and snorkel. If you feel like it, just float effortlessly and enjoy this amazing sea formation in the company of the beautiful sea creatures.
After enjoying the Blue Lagoon, we will start our cruise back to Split, during which you can simply relax and enjoy the panoramic view of Trogir. Admire the astonishing city, founded in the 3rd century. Take a picture of this UNESCO World Heritage site, which is one of the best-preserved examples of a Romanesque-Gothic architecture not only in the Adriatic, but in all of Central Europe.


09:00*/14:30* Departure from Split Riva
09:40/15:40 Free time for swimming and snorkelling in the Blue Lagoon
12:40/18:10 Departure from Blue Lagoon
13:10/18:40 Panoramic cruise of Trogir
14:00/19:30 Arrival in Split
*half day tour-operates in the morning and afternoon


* Wear casual and light clothes. Water/ windproof jackets will be provided
* In order to make your trip as comfortable as possible, please bring waterproof
sun cream, as well as refreshments

For more information:


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+385 95 1978 608