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Sure, the centre of Zagreb is rich with sights and filled with history, but other parts of Zagreb shouldn’t be ignored either. This big tour will give you a bigger picture of Zagreb, and because it’s private tour, you’ll get a more personalized experience.


he first part is the panoramic tour – your guide will pick you up at your hotel and then you’ll see the greenest part of the Lower City, the Green Horseshoe, which is a series of wonderful parks and public squares. You’ll see Zrinjevac and Tomislavac, two beautiful parks that are located between the busy Main Railway Station and even busier Ban Jelačić Square.


Another gorgeous sight at this part of the city is the park-cemetery Mirogoj, with arcades and red brick walls that are covered in leaves which are spectacular during autumn because they change colours on a daily basis.


You’ll also see the newer parts of the city north of the Sava River: Jarun Lake, or the Zagreb Sea as they call it, and Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb) –a residential area of blocks of flats and tower blocks built during the Socialist era.


After that, it’s back to the centre to do a little bit of walking: you’ll see the Upper City, Lotrščak Tower, St. Mark’s Church, take some great photos of the city panorama from the entrance to the funicular, pass through the Stone Gate, visit the lively Tkalčićeva Street and the tallest building in Zagreb, the Cathedral, and finish at the heart of the city, Ban Jelačić Square.


You can book this 4-hour comprehensive tour on Viator, starting at 74. This is a private tour, so you can also choose if you want to start your tour in the morning or in the afternoon.

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    クロアチア首都ザグレブ市長が同市の最も美しい「ティトー広場」(ティトー=旧ユーゴ時代のリーダー)を「クロアチア共和国広場」に改名するよう議会に提案するそうだ。 クロアチア人の多くは、旧ユーゴ時代の歴史から遠ざかりたい思いが強い。

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    RT @svetonilovic: Ali zabavno je kako vam imena ulica u Zagrebu diktiraju pipl koji su Zagreb vidjeli prvi put 1990

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