Croatian Startup Uses Internet of Things Concept to Control Lighting Systems

By , 23 Dec 2016, 15:14 PM Made in Croatia
Croatian Startup Uses Internet of Things Concept to Control Lighting Systems Source:

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The platform for smart lighting control receives information from sensors and remotely controls switches.

A project of a startup team from Zagreb, consisting of Ivan Britvić, Anja Nikitović and Jurica Đurić from the College of Information Systems, was born after they realized that lighting of commercial and public spaces unnecessarily wastes energy, while systems for lighting control are too expensive. They are mostly offered by manufacturers of lighting devices and they work only with their products, which obliges customers to purchase only their equipment, reports on December 23, 2016.

Thanks to new technologies such as the Internet of Things and Smart Home, it is possible to create a much better system, so their software platform receives information from light and movement sensors and remotely controls switches. Lights are turned off, dimmed, or turned on.

“In the second half of last year, we started experimenting with various approaches, we tested technologies and tried to find the best solution to the problem of optimizing the lighting systems. After we received a bronze medal at the ARCA innovation fair, we realized that it would be a shame not to proceed with the commercialization of our solutions. Our system is easy to monitor and configure via mobile applications, and users can see the status of lighting, energy consumption and temperature”, said the company.

“ is intended for business premises such as warehouses, plans and pays for itself through lower electricity bills”, explained Ivan Britvić, one of members of the team. The team had previously worked together on some other projects, so it was easy to decide who will do what. Anja Nikitović deals with sales and marketing, Jurica Đurić is a designer and creative leader, while Britvić is in charge of technology and business development.

“We are testing the system at the college in order to further hone it and prepare it for different implementation scenarios. Through contacts of the Croatian Chamber of Economy we are trying to reach out to local companies which design lighting systems in order to jointly approach end users. We offer the possibility to companies and the public sector to be more environmentally friendly, to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve financial savings. Since the intention of the European Commission is to increase energy efficiency, we believe that companies could be subsidized for the introduction of such solutions which will make even more attractive. Our goal is to expand to the EU market, and as the national winners of the European Startup Awards in the Smart Cities category we will present our products in Brussels in early 2017”, concluded Britvić.

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