The island of Hvar is quite simply one of the most beautiful places on earth. Whether you are looking to swim in pristine water, explore ancient stone towns, relax amid the scents of lavender and rosemary, or immerse yourself in adventure sports against a stunning backdrop, you will find options to enjoy Hvar.

In order to help you explore, we have broken Hvar up into sections on towns, villages, beaches and the surrounding islands of Šćedro, Zečevo and those fabulous Pakleni Islands.

23 Jul 2017, 13:51 PM

Nikola Karabatic, Croatian-born, French Handball player gets his burger fix in Hvar town!

19 Jul 2017, 13:06 PM

The name Lucullus has ties in legends to luxury and gourmet, which in essence, sums up Lucullus restaurant in Hvar.

04 Jul 2017, 12:45 PM

Giaxa Restaurant in the heart of Hvar town is a traditional dining experience with a modern-artistic flair.

01 Jul 2017, 15:59 PM
29 Jun 2017, 14:09 PM

This year's 3rd edition of "Jelsa od versa", one of the finest festivals of klapa music, will take place at the main square in Jelsa (Hrvatski Narodni Preporod Square, locally known as Pjaca) on July 4th, 2017 beginning at 9 P.M., reports Dalmacija Danas.

14 May 2017, 22:53 PM

TCN's Tanja Radmilo gives us her take on island politics, and it seems a new breeze is blowing...

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