Conde Nast Traveler: Water Makes Us Happy

By , 13 Aug 2017, 11:57 AM Lifestyle
Conde Nast Traveler: Water Makes Us Happy Jona & Jerry Blackwell, Forever Photography Studio

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There is a reason you dream of a beach or sailing holiday and the reason runs deeper than you think. Conde Nast Traveler talks about Wallace J. Nichols’ book – the Blue Mind, and the physical and psychological benefits of water.

Today is Sunday – just over a month ago, on a Sunday, I wrote about the calm, clarity and inspiration I find when I am around water. Coincidentally, it was also after reading Nichols’ Blue Mind. (Read the article here).

Conde Nast writes, “the immeasurable sense of peace that we feel around water is what Nichols calls our ‘blue mind’ – a chance to escape the hyperconnected, over-stimulated state of modern day life, in favour of a rare moment of solitude.”

After interviewing different characters of the sea, from a deep-sea diver, captains, artists to a free-diver, everyone inevitably gave the same answer – when I am in, on, under, near the water, I feel calm, at peace, the rest of the world and problems disappear as I enter the underwater world.

Calm, peace, clarity, inspiration, presence… these are all of the words that have been repeated to me by various people.

Throughout the season, I have also been asking people – ‘why do you come to Croatia and what are your impressions?’ Everyone, in some way or another, has referred to the water; whether it is the reason they came or the aspect that mesmerised them most about Croatia. Just see this video below.

Another traveller, Mel Coulter, from New Zealand, when I asked her what she thought about Croatia her response was “It is so beautiful, I will definitely be back, I have never seen water like it in my life.”

For everything, you could say about in Croatia – the history, cuisine, islands, culture… the water is at the forefront of our thoughts and impressions.

According to Nichols, we all have ‘our water’, a body of water that comes to mind when we think about water, or a place we would like to escape to – and I can guarantee you, it is not a swimming pool, but is rather linked to mother nature. I grew up in New Zealand, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and numerous streams, rivers and lakes; when I think of Queenstown – I think of the lake, when I picture my childhood – I see days spent on the beach, body-surfing billy-goat jumping over rocks to discover rock pools. All of my fondest memories are related to the water.

When I first arrived in Croatia, I was instantly mesmerised by the water. The Adriatic is now my water.

water 1.jpg

Copyright: Forever Photography Studio, Jona & Jerry Blackwell; Island Solta

I wrote it in my last article, but I am going to refer to this quote again because it sums up our experience of water perfectly – whether we are conscious of the fact or not.

“We are beginning to learn that our brains are hardwired to react positively to water and that being near it can calm and connect us, increase innovation and insight and even heal what’s broken.”

Our lives are full of stimuli and distractions. From work to responsibilities at home and our disconnected, connectedness of social media. For most, I am sure, there are very few moments of the day where we just are – with nowhere to be, nothing to do, no Facebook or Instagram notifications or out-of-control inbox.

We all know that being in nature has immense benefits, it is nothing new. But now it is no longer just a feeling, it is proven and backed by science – water makes us happy.

water 3.jpg

Copyright: Forever Photography Studio, Jona & Jerry Blackwell; Island Solta

So, what are you waiting for? Everything else you will discover here will only add to your experience, but you will carry this feeling with you when you leave. Whenever you need to calm down and relax, you will be able to close your eyes and picture the crystal-clear Adriatic, dancing behind the back of your eyelids.

To read the full Conde Nast Traveler article, click here.

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