Porcijunkulovo to Bring Colourful Umbrellas Back to Čakovec Soon

By , 15 Jul 2017, 20:23 PM Lifestyle
Porcijunkulovo to Bring Colourful Umbrellas Back to Čakovec Soon Porcijunkulovo, Facebook

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The 53rd edition of the famous festival will bring various entertaining events to the streets of Čakovec on July 28.

The town of Čakovec is hosting the 53rd edition of Porcijunkulovo, the biggest cultural event in the city and one of the most popular cultural events in the country, July 28 - August 2.

The festival gives visitors a chance to enjoy one of the various exhibitions, traditional crafts workshops, educational and entertaining programmes for children, concerts, oldtimer meetings, and wine presentations that Međimurje is so well-known for.

The cafes in the centre will have stages for smaller live concerts, while bigger musicians such as Miroslav Škoro, Prljavo kazalište, and Halid Beščić will play in front of a bigger audience in Zrinski Park.

Food lovers will be happy to know that the gastronomic offer will include free barbeque on Sunday, as well as plenty of traditional gibanica from Međimurje, and all events are free.

In cooperation with Čakovec Tourism Board, Borovo shoe factory from Vukovar has created a limited edition sneaker collection with motifs of traditional wooden toys, klepetalice, and colourful Porcijunkulovo umbrellas. The proceeds from the sale will go to the city's centre for upbringing and education.

Porcijunkulovo, Facebook


Find out more here and like Porcijunkulovo on Facebook.

See what the 52nd edition looked like below:


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