Calling Real Dalmatian Men: Meet the Dalmatian Bachelorette

By , 14 May 2017, 08:21 AM Lifestyle
Calling Real Dalmatian Men: Meet the Dalmatian Bachelorette Forever Photography

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TCN's Daniela Rogulj opened a can of worms when she wrote a certain article about Dalmatian men a few months ago. Little did she know, she was about to go from the frying pan into the fire on the 14th of May, 2017. Do you think you can handle the Dalmatian Bachelorette?

She is 100% Dalmatian, albeit with a Californian twist, lives in the Dalmatian capital, and embraces almost everything Dalmatian with a passion. 

From prsut to Plavac Mali, klapa to Hajduk - oh, especially Hajduk - Daniela Rogulj has been living full time in Split for two years now and is fully immersed in the Dalmatian lifestyle, culture and way of life. Except for one thing...

Dalmatian men.


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Our resident Total Split writer caused something of an online storm a few months ago when she published an article on why she would never date a Dalmatian guy, a combination of musings from her local and international girlfriends, who had dipped their toes (and sometimes something more) into the pool of Dalmatian romance. The article understandably caused a few waves, with several ladies weighing in with comments, some agreeing, some standing up for their Dalmatian heroes. 


One of the Great Dalmatian Male Defenders was Tash Pericic, a Kiwi lass now more than happily married to the amazing Mirko from Dugi Rat, and she kindly penned a counter argument, on why you SHOULD date a Dalmatian guy.  

And then it happened. The girl who said she would never date a Dalmatian was introduced to the woman who married one. 

Something clicked, and Tash and Daniela have been inseparable ever since, starting up Total Eco Croatia, as well as a new vlogging initiative at TCN, and - very soon - Tash will be launching Total Croatia Sailing. 

The power of Dalmatian men to bring girls together...


Of course, the subject of Dalmatian men came up a lot, and young Daniela was subjected to stories of the sharing, caring, loving side of the Dalmatian male. Would she really never date one?

And - from somewhere, nobody is quite sure - came the idea of finding out if that amazing Dalmatian man is out there - to charm and take on a date... The Dalmatian Bachelorette.


Is there a real Dalmatian guy out there, who is passionate about Hajduk, cultured and interesting, ready to take out The Dalmatian Bacherlorette for dinner and an evening of fun and laughter, leaving all mention of his mother at home? If yes, we would like to hear from you! Several Split ladies are keen on the concept of The Dalmatian Bachelorette - here are Tash, The Dalmatian Bachelorette and famous Split street photographer Sonja Dvornik discussing the concept, and even the possibility of a double date with The Dalmatian Bachelorette. 


Other ladies, including our very own Ashley Colburn (pictured right) are loving the idea. The question is, are the right guys out there?


This is a fun social experiment, which The Dalmatian Bachelorette is happy to film, a chance to meet some interesting people and see a little more about life in Split. If you think you have the charm to take The Dalmatian Bachelorette out for a night, and are ready for the evening to be filmed for a vlog - and she is a very fun young lady - please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Here is The Dalmatian Bachelorette laying down the challenge in her intro video. 



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