Camping on Hvar: Jelsa and FKK Vrboska

By paul 24 Jul 2012, 09:25 AM Jelsa

Camping is very popular on Hvar, and nowehere more so than Jelsa and Vrboska. 

When I came back to Jelsa ten years ago to complete the purchase of my house, there were some delays with the paperwork. Delays with paperwork have become a part of daily life since then, but it was frustrating at the time because I had come with friends and was keen to host them in my new home. 

The owner refused, thinking that if I moved in before completion, perhaps I would stay there forever and not pay the outstanding amount. It meant that my friends only spent the last night of their week on Hvar in the house, and the first six days camping at Camp Mina.


While I was upset at the time, on reflection I am glad I had the experience, and it was a lovely campsite, set by the beach and in aromatic pine trees, just a five minute walk from the centre of Jelsa. Small tents mingled with the large Italian campervans and there was a very relaxed feel about the place. 


There is plenty of camping available on Hvar, from Mlaksa near Sućuraj to Camp Vira near Hvar Town, but nowhere has the accessibility for public transport which Jelsa offers. The daily catamaran leaves Split at 1600, arriving about 1750, and from there it is a five minute walk to the campsite from the catamaran. One of the most painless and picturesque searches for accommodation for backpackers. To reach the campsite, simply turn left off the catamaran and follow the coast.


There is also great FKK camping a little further along the coast from Jelsa, at Kamp Nudist, about 4km from Jelsa just outside Vrboska. Hvar has a long tradition of naturism and it is an important part of the island's tourism makeup. 

Discreetly hidden away in the pine trees, the camp is the most popular naturist camp on the island, tucked away in pine trees, with a view out to the small island of Zečevo, which also has naturist beaches. Take a tour of Kamp Nudist in the video below. 


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