Kabal Peninsula

Kabal Peninsula (1)

One of the Hvar's great undiscovered areas, the Kabal Peninsula is a feast for people looking to escape the hordes and discover a private cove or two.

The most spectacular shots of Hvar from the air are of Kabal, with its numerous bays - and the good news for beach seekers is that most of the bays are virtually deserted.

If you are looking for company and an excellent beach, head to Zukova near the only settlements on the peninsula, Mala and Velika Rudina. If you are looking for something wilder, read on...

23 Mar 2015, 21:24 PM


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    RT @sasa_pochi: 笹倉鉄平ちいさな絵画館で開催していた「ヨーロッパの色々な『街並み』を描いて」へのご感想です。 「今までこのようなタイプの絵は見たことがなかったのですが、光やの温かさの中に心が溶け込んでゆくような感じがしました。」 『雨のち夕陽…』 #Croa

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