Sveta Nedjelja to Zavala

Sveta Nedjelja to Zavala (5)

The southern beach resorts of Zavala, Ivan Dolac and Sveta Nedjelja are some of the most popular on the island, and with good reason.

With spectacular views of the Adriatic only interrupted by the gorgeous small island of Scedro, combined with excellent family beaches, it is the perfect destination for a child-friendly holiday.

Zavala, gateway to Scedro, has some great family beaches of its own, while Ivan Dolac is one of the most popular places to rent, primarily for its kid-friendly beaches, while the lure of Zlatan Otok's outstanding wines is but one more reason to check out Sveta Nedjelja, now even more accessible with the new 'road' from Hvar Town.

23 Mar 2015, 23:00 PM

From Zavala, a short journey to the south will bring you to the idyllic island of Šćedro.

23 Mar 2015, 21:57 PM

Beaches? Take your pick, there are some excellent places to jump into the clear Adriatic. 

23 Mar 2015, 22:52 PM

The delightful little beach at Lučišća.

23 Mar 2015, 21:34 PM

Through the tunnel to a very special place: Zavala.

23 Mar 2015, 21:41 PM

Through the tunnel to the popular resort: Ivan Dolac

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