Pakleni Islands

Pakleni Islands (9)

Where to start? It seems almost unfair that an island as beautiful as Hvar should be given the emerald gems of the Paklenis as well, but there they gleam in the Adriatic sun.

Beach club lovers in search of a little luxury should head for Carpe Diem and the beach club at Stipanska. Naturists will find the whole island of Jerolim catering to their needs.

Alternatively sail into the ACI Marina and head for the beach at Palmižana, and combine some beach time with some of the best food in Croatia. Or alternatively... so much to see and discover in the pine trees and hidden coves of the Pakleni Islands.

20 Sep 2012, 23:04 PM

Things are looking very chilled on Amo Beach on Jelolim this summer.

20 Sep 2012, 17:27 PM

Demystifying Carpe Diem Beach. It is a FABULOUS place. Here are nine reasons why you should spend at least one day on a water taxi to Stipanska.

22 Mar 2015, 21:21 PM

The paradise of the Pakleni Islands and the bay of Ždrilca.

21 Mar 2015, 23:56 PM

Home to a Roman spa centuries ago - Vlaka.

21 Mar 2015, 23:23 PM

Perna beach

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Perna on the Pakleni Islands - a hidden sandy beach.

28 Feb 2015, 22:02 PM

The biggest undiscovered secret on the Pakleni Islands: Kordovon bay on the other side of Jerolim. 

22 Mar 2015, 00:09 AM

With established tourism there for more than 100 years, the Paradise that is Palmizana is no longer a secret, but it is still gorgeous.

06 Jan 2012, 18:25 PM

Where else in the world could you bathe in CNN's top naturist beach, moor up in a stunning marina, before scuba diving off an island which could be renamed Facebook, before sharing a romantic dinner on an islet inhabited by a donkey named Mercedes? Welcome to the Pakleni Islands.

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