Triathlon Training on Your Island Vacation? Has Got You Covered

By , 13 Jun 2016, 13:51 PM Hvar Town
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Triathlon Training on Your Island Vacation? Has Got You Covered Photo courtesy of

Share this: is an adventure tourism company that combines your pasion with your vacation. Offering intensive options such as triathlon training and cycling, also offers adventure tours such as kayaking, sailing, climbing, hiking and windsurfing - to name a few.

Located on the island of Hvar, one of our favorite offers are their triatholon trainings. As Hvar has quickly become known as the newest triathlon training destination with the hilly terrain, open sea, and breathtaking backdrop defining the epitome of training perfection.


Triathletes coming to the island are offered the best triathlon equipment for rent, including Rudy Project helmets, Gaerne cycling gear, and Pinarello carbon road bikes.


The training atheles are top notch, including long distance runners, ex national TT champions, avid cyclists, and even iron man winners who train every day ensuring a well developed training plan that perfectly fits the conditions and terrain of the island.


Daily training includes two sessions, combining swimming, biking, running, and strength training - fully adjusted to your wishes and commands.


You can sign up for a one time session for €15, a daily session for €20, and for your longer island stays, one week sessions go for €65.


Ready to get fit and experience the island of Hvar in a new way? Look no further!

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