About Us

Welcome to Total Croatia News, the latest (and most ambitious) member of the Total family. 

The Total Project started in October 2011, when British writer Paul Bradbury decided to try and improve the information service on Croatia's premier island of Hvar. With five tourist boards on the island who rarely spoke to each other, Bradbury's guidebook, Hvar: An Insider's Guide was an attempt to unite the island's information. The book was followed by a website with the same ideal, and Total Hvar has since become the premier source of information about the island, with more than 7,000 articles about all aspects of life there.

In November 2012, in an attempt to address the poor information available in English about the Dalmatian capital, Total Split was founded, with accompanying guidebook, Split: An Insider's Guide (co-written with Mila Hvilshoj), and the work of both sites was recognised at the National Society of Journalists in December 2014, as Bradbury won the FIJET 2014 Marco Polo Award for best international promotion of Croatia. 

In the first official Total partnership, the Central Dalmatia Tourist Board, local tourist boards of Zagora and the Ministry of Tourism helped found Total Inland Dalmatia in late 2013 thereby bringing the rich potential of this fascinating region under one roof in English for the first time. The first international website, Total Munich is also up and running. 

The reason for Total Croatia News is simple. Although Croatia joined the EU in 2013, and despite the fact that there are some good websites about life in Croatia in English, there was no daily news site, bringing a selection of news, politics, business, lifestyle, travel, sport and opinion, so we thought we would create on. The site now has Google News accreditation and is followed by (and often lined to) the international media. A daily political and business newsletter, delivered to embassy and business inboxes by 09:00 each weekday morning, was launched in March 2016. 

Since starting Total Croatia News, we have also expanded into other sectors with national ports, Total Croatia Wine and Total Croatia Cycling, with plans to start Total Zagreb in early 2017.

Our motto is simple - Give People What They Want. We hope you enjoy our sites and find them useful. If you are interested in writing for us, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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