Sun Worship on Hvar: Hotel Amfora

By paul 15 Jul 2012, 19:33 PM Hvar Town

Hvar's infamous sunshine keeps on beaming down, and tourists are lapping it up. Some pictures from Hotel Amfora this afternoon. 

After almost six weeks of uninterrupted sunshine with temperatures consistently in the 30s, it finally rained this morning.

At 3am.

For 2 minutes.

Normal service was resumed by breakfast, and another hot day on the road was in store. Walking past Hotel Amfora on the way to a meeting, I was struck by the diversity of the hotel - a conference centre for some, a family resort for others, and an exclusive bathing option at Bonj les Bains for others. Whatever their motives for arriving at Amfora, they had one thing in common: sun worship. Some pictures...











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