Top 5 Hvar: Discover the Island by Virtual Tour

By paul 29 May 2015, 10:22 AM Island News

There are various ways of promoting tourism and tourism businesses, and an increasingly popular one these days is the virtual tour, a simple of way of seeing how things look in reality before you visit. Restaurants, hotels, yachts and tourist attractions are all popular choices for virtual tours these days, and the 360 panoramas are a popular addition for many businesses.

We asked the leaders in the field here in Dalmatia, for their recommendations of the top 5 they have done on the island. Based in Split, but with clients as prestigious as Bayern Munich and a host of impressive yachts, the dynamic duo (whose heart is in the eastern Hvar village of Gdinj), Ivan and Josipa are regular visitors to the island. Here are their top five virutal tours which they have taken. Simply click on the images below and navigate between scenes, or check out their very impressive work on 

1. The Benedictine Convent in Hvar Town

Recently celebrating 350 years on Hvar, the nuns are also the producers of one of Hvar's intangible heritages, agave lace.


2. The Franciscan Monastery

Another important piece of Hvar heritage, which recently turned 550. 

3. Restaurant Gariful and the Hvar waterfront

Little introduction needed...


4. The new luxury gateway to Hvar - ECA Sea Terminal by Split Airport

With travel times of just 13 minutes to Jelsa from Split, could there be a better way to arrive, or a more chilled place to wait for that flight?


5. Aboard a luxury yacht 

For a true experience of luxury Hvar, you really need your own yacht. Take a tour of Lady Sunshine, for example.