Top 5 Hvar: Looking for the Best Hidden Gems?

By paul 17 May 2015, 10:28 AM Island News

Looking for something a little different on Hvar, away from the crowds?

Some little hidden gems, perhaps?

Here are five of my favourite lesser-known gems on Hvar, all of which are well worth a visit, and although they are all very different, they have one thing in common - there are not many people there.

1. Vunetovo Brewery 

Did you know Hvar produces its own award-winning beer? Not only that, it is produced not by a local, but by a lovely Polish lady called Ana. As far as micro-breweries go, it must be one of the most stunning locations in Europe, just a couple of doors away from Hotel Podstine on the northern coast of Hvar Town.   

Ana is now open for business, so drop in as I did last year, and follow this unusual Hvar beer story on Facebook

2. Kordovon Beach on Jerolim

In some ways it feels strange calling Korodovon Beach a hidden gem. After all Jerolim was named the top FKK beach in the world by CNN in 2011, and Vogue did a photo shoot there last year, and yet the delightful little bar and beach run by the lovely Mare remains off the beaten path. It has a wonderful hippie feel, where all are welcome whatever their sexual orientation political views or state of undress. A real melting pot of chilled people and well worth the trip out by water-taxi. When you arrive on Jerolim, simply walk the 100 metres to the other side to come to Kordovon. Here was my first visit

3. The Oldest Olive Tree on Hvar (and perhaps elsewhere)

It has been dated at 500 year before Christ, which if true, would make it one of the ten oldest olive trees in the world. And yet hardly anyone on Hvar has heard of it, let alone visited it. It is a thing of extremely natural beauty, and certainly the oldest olive tree on Hvar, under protection since 1964.

Located close to the village of Zastrazisce in eastern Hvar it is not easy to find unless you enlist the help of locals such as the Rubin olive mill in the middle of the village (and don't leave without buying his excellent honey and olive oil). Learn more here

4. Atelier Marinka in Dol

 Looking to entertain the kids away from the beach? Help is at hand, with one of the true special Hvar offerings off the beaten track. Teta Marinka is a Slovenian artist, whose patient way with children has meant that it is the number one activity destination for many island kids. Her delightful old stone property and wonderful gardens are a kids dream, and the progress the children make with their art under her patient and multi-lingual care is exceptional. Tourists more than welcome

5. The Raki Pit

My favourite place on Hvar and one I do not visit enough. A delightful retreat into an inland village, where a fine traditional peka and excellent local wine awaits, before a descent into the Raki Pit, a basement tour of the art of meat curing with a shot or seven of rakija - see a video tour below. Not anyone can visit the Raki Pit, one has to be chosen, but candidates will be considered - contact us if you are interested on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.