Restaurant of the Day: Jurin Podrum in Stari Grad

By paul 22 Jul 2012, 18:39 PM Island News

A special reason to venture into the back streets of the old town of Stari Grad - the wonderfully cosy Jurin Podrum. 

There are two people on Hvar who make me reconsider my unhealthy lifestyle each time I see them. Miss Lavanderwoman Karmen Barcot is so healthy with her wonderful organic herbal remedies that I immediately resolve to quit the beer every time we meet. Not far behind is Silvija from Jurin Podrum, one of the island's most interesting restaurants. 

Full of innovative and healthy dishes, Jurin Podrum is a firm favourite on the Stari Grad scene and, along with nearby Antika, provides the heart of the old town's gastronomic offer away from the riva. 

Silvija spent some time in Brighton and came back not only with perfect English, but also a love of some of England's stranger cuisine, including a delicious bread and butter pudding. She also prepares great dishes with courgettes/zucchini, such as these two, one with prawns, the other with tomatoes.

In addition to its mouth-watering menu, which can be found below, the restaurant has plenty of history, and Silvija is the fourth generation family owner since it opened on the neighbouring terrace in 1917. Its most famous visitors were Edward and Mrs Simpson in 1936. 

To reach Jurin Podrum, walk along the waterfront of the old town and you will see signs to the restaurant, which is in the first parallel street to the riva. 


octopus salad                                              60 kn

smoked tuna with rukola salad                  70 kn

pâté of the day                                            30 kn

meat platter                                                70 kn

/assorted dalmatian smoked ham, spicy salami, cheese/

fish platter                                                 70 kn

/octopus salad, smoked tuna, salted anchovies/

bread with olives & olive oil                         40 kn

cheese platter                                               50 kn

dalmatian smoked ham                             50 kn

marinated prawn salad                               50 kn

SOUP                                      25 kn

consommé /beef soup/

fish soup             

vegetarian soup                      


seasonal salad                                           30 kn

rukola salad                                                30 kn

rukola salad with cheese and walnuts        40 kn

grill vegetables salad                                  40 kn

cheese salad                                                40 kn


GARNISHING               15 kn           

tomato sauce                 

mashed carrot and potato

boiled potato                           

french fries                                                

grilled polenta                   

SWEETS                       25 kn

lemon tart

chocolate mousse

panna cotta with lavender flower

pancakes /walnut, fig marmelade, chocolate/


PASTA                                    70 kn

spaghetti with prawn, octopus & capers     

casarecce with chicken, dried fig & green pepper 

spagetti with tomato sauce & basil            

cassarecce with gorgonzola & walnuts                

spaghetti frutti di mare                            

tagliatelle with mussels and clams           

tagliatelle with scampi & zucchini           

                             RISOTTO                      70 kn

risotto with dalatian smoked ham, panceta & sage

risotto with chicken & mushrooms            

risotto with calamari, tomato sauce & rosemary

vegetarian risotto                                      

risotto frutti di mare                                 

risotto with mussels                                    

risotto with scampi & zucchini                           


fresh fish with spinach & potato                 200 kn

fish fillets with rucola salad, rattatouille

& boild potato                                              100 kn

octopus stew with grill polenta                    90 kn

octopus with vegetables                               80 kn

hake à la bakalar  /hake and potato soup/  70 kn

grilled squid                                                  70 kn

grilled scampi                                            120 kn

scampi buzara                                            120 kn

/in light sauce of wine, olive oil, parsley and garlic/

mussels & clams                                         100 kn


chicken, mushroom & vegetable on a skewer        7 kn

mixed grilled meat                                               80 kn

cordon blue                                                 70 kn

grilled vield cutlet                                               80 kn

beef fillet steak                                           90 kn

beef fillet steak with sauce                                   100 kn

/ mushrooms / chilli  / gorgonzola / pepper / ham&cheese /

diced beef on rukola in the sauce of dry fig and almonds                                                                                                     110 kn