Hvar Fortress View: Day or Night?

By paul 18 Mar 2012, 20:14 PM Island News

There is no disputing the view from the fortress in Hvar Town, one of the finest vistas in Europe. But do you prefer it at day or night?

Where is the most beautiful view on Hvar? A difficult question to answer as there are spectacular views at every turn. From the peak of Sveti Nikola down to the individual private bays, there are many fabulous views to cherish.

One of the best, and most photographed, vistas of Hvar is from the Spanish Fortress above Hvar Town. 


Igor Adamec has taken some fantastic 360 degree pictures all over Croatia, with many on Hvar. Check out his work here. Igor has taken these two great pictures of the view from the fortress at dusk and during the day. Simply click on the picture, click OK and then explore the fortress by day and night, and let us know which you prefer.
Hvar - fortress 'Fortica' - 1 in Croatia


Whichever view you prefer, it has to be better than the one below - at least from a prisoner's point of view - from inside the castle walls. 

Hvar - fortress 'Fortica' - 2 in Croatia


Hvar - Dungeons inside fortress 'Fortica' in Croatia