Google Street View Comes to Hvar

By paul 16 Nov 2011, 12:37 PM Island News

The arrival of Google Street View on Hvar is the latest in a line of 'improvements' on mapping the island.

First, they built a tunnel on the new road to take the fun out of driving over the top from Hvar Town to Stari Grad.

Then they erected a plethora of yellow signs so tourists could know where they were going.

Then last year, they went one step further on Hvar, undergoing the revolutionary process of introducing street names AND house numbers in the same year (although these numbers are soon to change, the source of an up-coming blog piece).

And now, the final nail in the coffin for those looking to live in anonymity on Hvar - the arrival of Google Street View on the island. For pics of the car in action (and thanks for the heads up), check out the Otok Hvar link below.