Biggest Silent Party of the Summer, Tonight at Mojito in Jelsa

By , 11 Aug 2017, 17:08 PM Island News

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How to party without upsetting the neighbours? Put on a Silent Party, of course!

Mojito's famous Silent Parties in Jelsa are growing in popularity, and tonight sees the biggest one of the summer, with 3 DJs to choose from and an open air dance floor to let your body flow. 

Simply rent a pair of headphones, and choose from the three channels available - tech house, RnB and vocal house, and local music. And off you go. Free headphone rental for those ordering a bottle of the hard stuff. It all kicks off at 22:30 until 03:30, which is just about whenthe much anticipated rain will start.

More in Croatian below, and follow the Mojito summer on Facebook

All is set for biggest Silent party this year 11/08 from 22.30?
?Petak od 22.30h-do 03.30h
3 DJ- a = 3 kanala vrhunske glazbe!
Open air dance floor!
Channel one: ??tech house??
Channel two: ??R"n"B & vocal house??
Channel three: ?? Domaće ??
Bottle service ? i rezervacije stolova: Fb ili Instagram!
Uz naručenu bocu stranog žestokog pića dobijate dvoje slušalice gratis ???
Ceee yaaaaa!

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