Hvar Experience: New Promo Video from Suncani Hvar. Like It!

By , 03 Aug 2017, 13:42 PM Island News

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One of the things that has always puzzled me about Hvar tourism promotion has been the lack of promotional videos. 

In the video age, and with one of the most gorgeous destinations on the planet, the more video feed out then on the Internet, the better, surely?

Ultra Europe did an excellent job of promoting their brand of Hvar in their outstanding aftermovie videos, but apart from that, official videos were hard to come by. 

Thankfully, things seem to be changing, and the Hvar Tourist Board recently released an official promotional video focused on cycling. 

They have been followed by Suncani Hvar Hotels, who yesterday uploaded a new video to their Facebook page, called Hvar Experience. 

We like it a lot. Rather than focus on the numerous hotels in Hvar Town, the video instead focuses on the tourist experience on the whole island, thereby giving potential guests a much fuller view of what is available during their stay. It nicely compliments the Concierge 360 service we wrote about recently. Hvar Town and the Pakleni Islands rightly occupy the majority of tourism for many guests, partly because there is so much to do in the town, partly because there is not so much information about the wider options. 

Hvar Experience - judge for yourselves.


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    Óska þér alls hins besta í framtíð hvar sem þú vildir engu að síður.

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