An Alternative Hvar Holiday: Meet ESCAPE Community 2017

By , 15 Jun 2017, 14:55 PM Island News

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After successfully setting up a hidden camp last summer for all urban runaways seeking an alternative holiday experience, ESCAPE Community returns to Hvar this season with double the offer.

ESCAPE Community is an indulging mix of camping under the pine trees in a secluded Hvar bay, swimming, sport activities, arts & crafts workshops, healing practices, music performances and movie screenings with organic local cuisine to cater it all, and which mesmerised all 200 of its members in a kick-off edition in 2016.

Though insisting on maintaining the intimacy of the venue with only 200 people, the organising team opted to expand in all other areas for this season. That’s why we’ll be seeing 2 editions of ESCAPE Community this summer:

  1. July 5-10;
  2. August 16-21.

With the camp area also extending via new paths leading to as yet-undiscovered places (and bars), extra chill-out zones, and sunbathing terraces, ESCAPE opens up more room for new activities ranging from kayaking, windsurfing, scuba diving, and two different kinds of yoga, to a wide range of creative workshops.

ESCAPE Community is welcoming to all open-minded individuals looking for an alternative indulgence in a sun, sea, and boutique festival ambiance; however, with free-of-charge membership for kids and special workshops designed for them, it’s a specially tempting place for young parents looking to spend quality time with their family. Learn more on their official website, and seize your chance to escape this summer.



















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