Painting Eggs at Easter, Andro Tomic Style with a Little Plavac Mali

By , 16 Apr 2017, 08:29 AM Island News

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A Happy Easter to you all from us here at Total Hvar and TCN. The last few days in Jelsa have been wonderful, and Easter truly is the best time of the year to be here, at least in my opinion. 

There are of course many traditions to accompany this special time of year, and one of the most beautiful is the practice of colouring and decorating eggs, using a variety of leaves and plants and boilig them with the onion skins. Called 'pisanica', they are one of the great symbols of a Croatian Easter.

But some people do it a little differently.

The Tomic winery in Jelsa have some rather familiar looking colour on their pisanice this Easter, a colour produced with the aid of some Plavac Mali colouring.

Ah, Hvar Plavac Mali and a little lamb - is there a more perfect way to celebrate a feast day?

Sretan Uskrs svima! 

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