A Photo Progress Report on Jelsa's Fountain Square

By , 12 Mar 2017, 07:25 AM Island News

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When we come back to visit Jelsa for Easter, we will have been away for just over three months, but I am already getting the feeling we will be coming back to a different town. 

With so much work going on around town, most of which will hopefully be finished by the holiday, it will be interesting to experience the new Jelsa. 

One of the biggest visual changes, of course, is the facelift for the square behind the mayor's office, just off the waterfront on the way to the car park, where taxis used to reign supreme.

The taxis are now gone to a dedicated place by the car park, and traffic on the small square, which is also home to the tourist board office, is a thing of the past. The fountain foundations are in, the stone paving is being applied, and yes, a very different Jelsa awaits. 

With thanks to Lenko Barbic for the photos.



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