Biting Political Satire, Colourful Children: It Must be Karnevol in Jelsa (VIDEO)

By , 01 Mar 2017, 09:17 AM Island News

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It is one of the most joyful days of the year for locals in Jelsa, especially the little ones, and one where biting political satire is very much on display in the form of a cleverly written sktetch which provides the main adult entertainment. Whatever your politics, the energy, creativity of the team from Karnevol Jelsa always ensure that the Carnival on Shrove Tuesday is well remembered, and the main square is packed with colourful costumes from old and young alike, the last party before Lent, which begins today.

Last year of course, there was only one topic which dominated the adult sketch, after some fat Englishman wrote a blog about the politics of Jelsa's Christmas decorations, a blog which was soon the most talked about story in Croatia that day.  

Local politics is never far from the story, but especially so this year, with local elections just weeks away. Although I don't follow the local political scene, I hear that so far it has not been the friendliest of campaigns, and so it was nice to see the carnival satirists bringing the two main candidates together for a moment of unity.  

I was a little surprised to find myself being satirised at last year's event, with young Mili doing an admirable job mimicking a fat Englishman in pink t-shirt, kratke rukave (Manchester dialect) and chilled Lasko, and even more so to find myself on the podium this year with what looks like President Trumpster. (with thanks to The White House official photographer Vivian Grisogono).

Not a great day to be a politician, unless you have a sense of humour, which these two mayoral candidates do. 

Want to see the whole sketch? Thanks to Paintball Jelsa for capturing it all. 

And, the carnival apart, just one more glorious morning on Jelsa's square. And a reminder that Spring, and the magical Easter in Jelsa are on the way. I am looking forward to my visit. 

Of course the main show for the younger generation was their own procession and performances. Some pictures courtesy of the Jelsa Tourist Board. 






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