Valentines Day in Jelsa Means Me and Mrs Jones

By , 08 Feb 2017, 15:17 PM Island News

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There are certain things in the Hvar calendar that one begins to miss when one no longer lives there. 

I can't imagine not being their for Easter, for example, although this year we will be, something I am looking forward to - my favourite time of year to be in Jelsa. 

As too is Valentine's Day, for it is always an occasion made special by the lovely Josipa and Amadeus at Me and Mrs Jones, as they share the love and warmth of their special variety of hospitality in mid-February, in the middle of a cold and somewhat dull winter period. 

It is always a wonderful occasion, and one which sells out quickly, so you are encouraged to get your reservation in. All details on the flyer above. 

Romantic Jelsa in February - it has to be Me and Mrs Jones. 

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