Historical Sites

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Historical Sites
Here is a list of the most popular sites. Click on each to get the most comprehensive guide to each.


City Walk
Marjan Forest Park
Radunica & Veli Varoš
Voćni trg
Riva Waterfront Promenade
Marmont's Street: Including information about the Fish Market and National Theatre of Croatia
Pazar, the vegetable market

Diocletian's Palace
The Gates of Diocletian's Palace: Golden Gate, Silver Gate, Iron Gate, Brass Gate
Temple Of Jupiter
St. Duje Cathedral
Peristil & Vestibul
The Cellars

Cultural heritage
St. Francis Monastery & Matejuška
The Synagogue, Jewish Cemetary, and the Jewish Community
Ivan Meštrović Gallery & Kaštelet
The Theatre (refer to Marmontova)
Papalic Palace