Bus Times and Companies from Split to Dubrovnik (and Back)

By , 20 Dec 2012, 10:12 AM
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What's the best way from Split to Dubrovnik? It is a question that is heard a lot in the summer months in the bars and cafes in Dalmatia. 

With no train, no plane (surprisingly), and no meaningful boat service, the only means of public transport is the bus. Accurate information is hard to find, so we popped into the bus station and asked for a timetable. Here is it, valid from November 10, 2012. We will update the page as the bus station updates its timetable. For more information and to use the searchable arrivals and departures database in English, check out the Split bus station website

Split to Dubrovnik

Depart 02:30 Arrive 06:45 Croatia Bus (via Metkovic)

Depart 04:15 Arrive 08:45 ATP Sibenik - AT Rijeka (Fridays and Sundays)

Depart 05:15 Arrive 09:15 AP Imotski (via Metkovic)

Depart 06:15 Arrive 10:45 AT Rijeka (NOT ON SUNDAYS)

Depart 08:00 Arrive 12:00 AP Sinj - Promet Makarska

Depart 10:00 Arrive 14:30 Cazmatrans Dal.

Depart 11:45 Arrive 16:30 Promet Makarska (via Metkovic)

Depart 12:30 Arrive 16:15 Panorama Bus 

Depart 13:30 Arrive 18:00 Croatia Bus (via Metkovic)

Depart 14:00 Arrive 18:30 Cazmatrans Dal.

Depart 15:45 Arrive 19:30 Panorama Bus 

Depart 16:15 Arrive 20:40 AP Varazdin 

Depart 17:15 Arrive 21:40 AT Rijeka


Dubrovnik to Split

Depart 05:00 Arrive 09:30 Cazmatrans Dal.

Depart 06:00 Arrive 10:30 AP Varazdin

Depart 07:00 Arrive 11:15 Croatia Bus (via Metkovic)

Depart 08:00 Arrive 11:45 Panorama Bus 

Depart 08:00 Arrive 12:25 AT Rijeka

Depart 10:00 Arrive 14:50 Promet Makarska (via Metkovic)

Depart 11:00 Arrive 15:35 Cazmatrans Dal.

Depart 12:45 Arrive 16:30 Panorama Bus

Depart 14:15 Arrive 18:45 AP Sinj - Promet Makarska

Depart 15:30 Arrive 20:00 AT Rijeka (NOT ON SUNDAYS)

Depart 17:00 Arrive 21:20 ATP Sibenik - AT Rijeka (Fridays and Sundays)

Depart 18:00 Arrive 22:30 AP Imotski (via Metkovic)

Depart 21:00 Arrive 01:15 Croatia Bus (via Metkovic)