27 Mar 2015, 22:21 PM

Ultimate cooking class in Split region!

Where better to discover the secrets of Dalmatian cuisine than with one of the most creative, charismatic and charming chefs in the region, cooking within the walls of her 13th century palace home? Join us on the Secret Dalmatia Exclusive Cooking Class in Trogir, a UNESCO-protected islet town close to Split, to learn more about the art of food Dalmatian-style. Your host, Tatjana, is possibly one of the most charming people you will ever meet and very likely a future friend! Tatjana and her cooking are definitely a not-to-be-missed opportunity for all culinary enthusiasts and this is by far the best cooking class in all of Croatia and a unique chance to see and experience the inside of a true Dalmatian home.


Your hostess Tatjana will bring the food, the philosophy of food, and the essence of Dalmatia to life, as she takes you on a journey of discovery and indulgence of your senses. Much more than a simple cooking class, this is about learning how to live like a local in a historic town, whose impressive history has contributed to the way food is produced today. The food in Tatjana's kitchen is made with love, from the freshest local ingredients, and her infectious enthusiasm of her craft will rub off on you for sure!


Your culinary tour starts with sourcing the ingredients, as the freshness of available ingredients is key to the Dalmatian way. No sterilized supermarket produce here, and the seasonal availability of nature's gifts determine what will be on the dinner plate that evening. Join Tatjana at the local farmer's market, fish market and local butcher's (depending on your preference) to purchase the core ingredients of your meal at source but also witness one of the core activities of everyday living here and see Tatjana in her natural surroundings as you learn how to see, smell and touch freshness in produce.


The cooking class is a hands-on introduction to every stage of the Dalmatian food preparation process, ranging from making homemade pasta, cleaning fish, preparing traditional Dalmatian entrees, side dishes sauces and marinades. Preparation in the local way, with local ingredients, in the company of locals. You will feel like a true Dalmatian by the time you have finished your lunch!

Hands on cooking expereince, market visit and shopping. Lunch with wine.

Quick facts
Available year round
9:00 start in Trogir for market walk and shopping
Afternoon classes available but no market visit included

Booking: For more information and booking, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

26 Mar 2015, 23:45 PM

The Pelješac Peninsula is the most famous region in Croatia for the production of quality red wines. We will take you to a household in the village of Kuna. This village boasts the prettiest konoba (a Dalmatian-style tavern) in the area, which will be an opportunity to experience a warm Dalmatian welcome in the form of an excellent homemade herb brandy, local food and wine of a quality that you would not be able to obtain in any posh restaurant or purchase in any shop.

Donkey 1 arp 750px

But the real treat is the donkey farm, a one-of-a- kind experience where you will learn everything about this magnificent animal, receive a donkey riding certificate, and maybe even milk one.

Included: A guided tour through vineyards, a visit to a donkey farm, the unique experience of donkey milking and tasting the milk, which is known as an elixir, and winemaking lessons followed by three-course dinner at the household.

Booking: For more information and booking, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

19 Sep 2014, 14:48 PM

Cooking classes

Croatian Cuisine is attracting growing international attention, and the Antony Bourdain featured programme on the Travel Channel in 2012 did much to raise its profile internationally.

Dalmatian food is a gourmand’s delight, with various traditional styles of cooking, fresh and indigenous ingredients, washed down with the finest local wines. Whatever your preference, we have a culinary programme for you. From the wine cellars of Skradin and the ‘peka’ cooking in a village near Primošten, to the magical vitalac in Dol on the island of Brac. We are delighted to offer a range of bespoke culinary tours - simply contact us with your specific requirements.

This gourmand experience takes you to some of the most picturesque locations in Dalmatia, each one famous for their traditional styles of cooking. Descend into the old wine cellars of beautiful Skradin and follow the scent of homemade bread to a small village in Primošten to unravel the mysteries of cooking under the "peka." Voyage to the island of Brace and taste the wonder of ancient vitalac in the magical village of Dol. As a partner of Tours in Croatia, this stunning selection of private tours is specially designed for small groups and individuals in every region of Croatia.

Arambaši of Sinj

Juicy onions, garlic and minced meat in cabbage leaves, often served with sauerkraut.

Vitalac on Brac

Found only on Brac and one village of Crete, learn how to make vitalac, skewered and wrapped lamb offal over live coals, while waiting for the main action, a whole baked lamb.

Chef Rudi of Pelegrini Restaurant in Sibenik

Shop and cook with Chef Rudi, from the celebrated Pelegrini restaurant. A visit to Šibenik market will lead to baking your own bread, followed by...

- Veal shank in sherry juice with roasted vegetables
- Anglerfish served with an almond sauce and ricotta and zucchini biscuits
- Sea-bass fillet with Dalmatian tartuffi and goat cheese sauce (honey roasted)

And plenty more on offer!

Peka lesson in Primošten Burni

Learn how to make a real Dalmatian classic, 'peka' under the bell. While it looks simple, cooking a peka takes skill and experience (see video below), and the right tools are required. Choose from a variety of meat options, including beef, veal and lamb to create a meat, potato and vegetable extravaganza to remember, all washed down with some quality local wine.

Cooking lessons with Chef Dalmatino near Trogir (summer only)

What it you could spend the day in the private home of one of Dalmatia's great chefs? A true culinary treat and a chance to learn Dalmatian recipes, while applying a contemporary approach to ancient recipes. A gourmet treat!




For 2 - 3 people - from 100 Euro each 
For 4 - 8 people - from 80 Euro each

Price depends on time of year and exact programme.
Quotes for larger groups on request.

What's included?

Collection from your accommodation by English-speaker driver/guide, road tolls and parking, all ingredients, lunch after the class with wine, VAT and taxes.