Help Spread the Word: KBC Split Needs You to Donate Blood this Week
The good deed of donating blood never goes unnoticed, especially when supplies are running low. KBC Split has urged those that can and want to donate blood to help replenish their supplies this week. - READ MORE -
Severina to Perform at Vanilla Bar in Split Next Month
Recently announced - Severina, the famous Croatian pop-folk singer and one of the most famous singers in the Balkans, will be performing in Split at Vanilla Bar next month. - READ MORE -
Tonight, Hajduk Bids Farewell to Tino-Sven Sušić
Tino Sušić will no longer be a player of Hajduk as he is signing for Genk in Belgium tomorrow. After four and a half years he bids goodbye to the white jersey in which he has enrolled 142 appearances in official competitions. - READ MORE -
"Car Free Split": A Biking Affair to be Held in Split this September
Association Sunce invites you to the 5th “Splitska Biciklijada” - a Split bicycle affair and “Car Free Day”. The event will be held on Sunday, September 25 at 15h. - READ MORE -
MAGfestival Opens Tonight with Ars Longa at the Museum of Split
This year’s MAGfestival opens tonight, August 27th, at the City Museum of Split. At 20h, the brilliant ensemble Ars Longa, composed of top professional musicians Ana Benić (baroque flute), Stjepana Nodila (baroque oboe and block flute), Lee Sušanj Lujo (baroque cello), Linde Mravunac Fabijanić (harpsichord), and Monika Cerovčec (soprano) will take the stage. - READ MORE -
In Split With a Craving for Chocolate? We Know Just Where to Take You
It’s the weekend and as we don’t really need an excuse, weekends prove best for some cheat-eating. When the sugar craving is kicking in and you’re feeling like a nibble of something sweet, why not try some of the best chocolatiers in Split? - READ MORE -
The Closing Night for One of the Best Parties Just Outside of Split: Barbarinac, the Island of Love
The successful 3rd season for the popular dance party on the island of love, Barbarinac, slowly comes to an end this evening. Located on a small island just off the coast of Kaštela, last week's party hosted Miro and Luka Labura from Underground Control keeping the dance floor in full rhythm until the early morning hours - and tonight the groove will continue on with Joshua Heath aka Lonely Boy from Los Angeles. - READ MORE -
Ella Dvornik Warns: If you encounter these young men who are cheating tourists in Split, call the police!
Ella Dvornik warned the public on her Facebook profile yesterday about three young men in Split who are allegedly raising funds for deaf children. What you may not know is that their main goal is to collect as much money as they can from tourists who believe their “story”. - READ MORE -
Split: The Most Beautiful and the Most Smelly - How Do We Solve Our "Dog Problem" in Split?
Something I have been tempted to write about for quite some time now is the, er, dog problem in Split. When I say “dog problem” I don’t mean the dogs themselves - the issue lies far more with the dog owners in Split and the lack of any of them picking up after their dogs. - READ MORE -
This October An Adventure Event Takes Place Across Dalmatia: Meet “Dalmacija Ultra Trail"
An adventure event across Dalmatia will take place for the first time this year. Meet “Dalmacija Ultra Trail” premiering this October from October 21-23. - READ MORE -
It's Friday Night: Here's What Split Has Going On
It’s that time again: the weekend. Friday night always brings in a chock full of activities to the town of Split, and we are here to help make your weekend decisions a bit easier with some TCN guidance. Here are our top picks for events going on tonight in Split. - READ MORE -
The Newest Hajduk Memorabilia: Pocket Knives and Lighters
Hajduk has further enriched its large offer on co-branded products with two more official club items - a pocket knife in two color variants and Zippo lighters. - READ MORE -
An Important Notice Ahead of the Hajduk Playoff Match Tomorrow
As most everyone in Split and most likely the whole of Dalmatia already knows, the play-off match for UEFA Europa League will be held at Poljud stadium tomorrow between Hajduk and Maccabi Tel Aviv.  Due to the severity and importance of the game, the rules of the organization for this match are at high risk, and there will be additional security measures inside and out of the stadium. With 20,000 tickets already sold, we not only encourage you to get tickets soon, but to prepare you ahead... - READ MORE -
"Adriatic 2016": The International Youth Chess Festival Comes to Split
Today, on the premises of the University Library in Split, the opening ceremony of the chess festival for young children "Adriatic 2016" was held under the world's leading chess treasury "Kasparov Chess Foundation". - READ MORE -
Split Becomes an Epicenter for World Literature this September
In early September, Zagreb and Split become one of the centers of world literature thanks to the publishing house “Fraktura”. - READ MORE -

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