Welcome to Inland Dalmatia (703)

Welcome to Inland Dalmatia, one of Europe's most exciting and least discovered regions, with something for everyone.

Just half an hour from both the stunning Adriatic coast and Croatia's busiest summer airport, Inland Dalmatia has an incredible diversity and array of tourist attractions that have the potential to turn the region into a year-round destination. This website has been formed by a small group of committed local residents ready to take you on a journey of discovery into one of Europe's last great tourism secrets.

What are you looking for? Nature? The mighty Cetina River is one of Lonely Planet's top 40 experiences for 2013, just one of the region's natural wonders. Adventure? Choose from white water rafting, hunting, kayaking, climbing, paragliding and a host of others. Heritage? From the extensive Roman ruins and Neolithic caves to the specatular fortresses through the ages and beautiful churches and stone towns, there is more than enough to attract the mildly curious historical tourist. Gastronomy? Boasting some of Croatia's best wines and a selection of indigenous cuisine, it is impossible to leave the region hungry...

Welcome to Total Inland Dalmatia, a journey of discovery just a stone's throw from the Adriatic coast.


19 Jul 2017, 18:49 PM
The week of international folklore begins on Thursday, July 20th!
19 Jul 2017, 16:28 PM
For the 302nd Sinjska Alka, a rich and varied program has been prepared for Sinj Summer 2017. Created…
19 Jul 2017, 10:21 AM
Organized by the Association of Juvenile Volunteers of the Homeland War in Split-Dalmatia County, boats descended down the Cetina…
18 Jul 2017, 10:22 AM
The Tourist Board of Vrilka invites you to mark your calendars for two not-to-miss events this weekend!
16 Jul 2017, 18:49 PM
First Thrill Blues Festival? A success!
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