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The island of Hvar has five towns, all on the coast, and each offers a unique flavour, history and atmosphere. From the relatively sleepy eastern gateway port of Sućuraj to the celebrity party of Hvar Town in season, there is something for everyone.

Stari Grad, the former capital, has an exquisite old town dating back 24 centuries, while Vrboska's pretty canal has earned it the nickname 'Little Venice'.  Close by is the picturesque harbour town of Jelsa with its cosy main square.  Whether you are looking for nightlife, history, culture, relaxation or straight fine dining, come and explore the towns of Hvar.

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Stari Grad

Stari Grad (24)

The island's former capital is somewhat overshadowed by the glitz of Hvar Town these days, but it remains one of the most fascinating towns on the Croatian coast. At its heart is its well-preserved Old Town, founded by the Ancient Greeks in 384 BC.

Stroll out of town to the largest cultivated field on the Adriatic, the stunning UNESCO-protected Stari Grad Plan, where olives and grapes have been grown continuously for 24 centuries.The town's restaurants are some of the finest on Hvar, many of them open all year, making Stari Grad one of the more attractive options for out of season travel. 

There are several family beaches within walking distance, as well as one with a recently installed disabled access. Very much a living town, Stari Grad is the hub of much of the island's activity, hosting the main court, Land Registry and Cadastar, as well as the car ferry terminal.

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Jelsa (49)

Welcome to Jelsa, Hvar's third town, and something of a hidden secret from the tourist masses.  Jelsa will surprise with the depth of its offer, from the UNESCO-protected Easter Procession and strong cultural heritage, to one of the island's best nights of the year, the Jelsa Wine Festival.

Throw into the mix some of Hvar's best family beaches, water sports, fine dining and the most relaxed main square in Dalmatia, and you will soon understand why so many visitors return.  Did we mention the weather?  Sun, Sun, Sun - check out Jelsa in October in the video below.  

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Vrboska (12)

Vrboska is one of Hvar's most charming destinations, with a wide range of appeal. Housing the main ACI marina on the island, the town attracts the sailing community, but it is also a nice family destination, with its car-free centre and accessible family beaches, such as Soline.

It is also a popular naturist destination due to the local nudist beach and camp, while few can argue that the stone bridges along the canal and the unique St. Mary's fortress-church make it one of the most visually appealing destinations in Dalmatia.

Throw in some excellent waterfront restaurants, a free walking tour of the town and a range of activities, and little wonder that so many return.  

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Sućuraj (9)

Many tourists pass through Sućuraj and few stop, which is a shame as it is a pretty little fishing town on the eastern tip of Hvar.  Its main attraction for travellers is its small port which connects the island to Drvenik and onwards to Dubrovnik on the coast, or inland to Imotski and Bosnia, including Međugorje.

Sućuraj has some excellent beaches close to the town, great restaurants dotted around its pretty harbour, and is close to one of Hvar's most popular campsites, Mlaska. Separated from the rest of the island by the 'Road of Hell', it has a very distinctive feel. 

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Hvar Town

Hvar Town (97)

The island's premier destination is Hvar Town, for so many reasons. Celebrity spotters may have noticed Prince Harry jumping into the pool at Veneranda, Beyonce showing off her baby bump at Hula Hula Beach Club or Boy George DJ-ing at Carpe Diem.

Others come for the yachts, whose owners include Roman Abramovich, Bill Gates and the enigmatic Chinese billionaire Jimmy Lee, while the town's rich gastronomic variety is a draw for others.

The delightful Pakleni Islands provide the hidden coves and beach action by day, while the town's rich history is reflected in its stunning architecture.  Home to the oldest organised tourism in Europe, Hvar has something for everyone, from the agave lace of the Benedictine Nuns to a sunset cocktail at Hotel Adriana's Top Bar.

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