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Come on in, the water's lovely! Famed for its pristine seas, swimming off the shores of Hvar is idyllic. While there is an 85 year-old lady in Jelsa who swims every day, less hardy souls tend to stick from May to October.

There is a great selection of beaches on Hvar. Popular family beaches include Soline near Vrboska and Mina and Grebišće near Jelsa. The Pakleni Islands have plenty to offer, while naturists can indulge themselves freely in a number of dedicated spots.

Rocky, concrete or sandy, everyone has their personal favourite, so why not go off the beaten track and discover yours?

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Milna to Dubovica

Milna to Dubovica (2)

Three slices of heaven to choose from within a short drive of each other, and the perfect day out from Hvar Town.

The much photographed Dubovica, pictured here, is arguably Hvar's prettiest bay, and certainly in demand in the summer.

A less than promising road down to Zarace bay reveals a hidden treasure including a film set for ex-President Mesic himself, while the culinary and beach delights of Milna could fill a book - we will try and be brief and to the point.

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Pakleni Islands

Pakleni Islands (4)

Where to start? It seems almost unfair that an island as beautiful as Hvar should be given the emerald gems of the Paklenis as well, but there they gleam in the Adriatic sun.

Beach club lovers in search of a little luxury should head for Carpe Diem and the beach club at Stipanska. Naturists will find the whole island of Jerolim catering to their needs.

Alternatively sail into the ACI Marina and head for the beach at Palmižana, and combine some beach time with some of the best food in Croatia. Or alternatively... so much to see and discover in the pine trees and hidden coves of the Pakleni Islands.

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Jelsa (1)

Arguably the best location on Hvar for a family holiday, with its child-friendly square, direct mainland connection and range of activities, the beaches near Jelsa are gems.

If you can't wait to jump in, as some can't, there is a tiny beach at the end of the waterfront, but for those with a little patience, the beaches at Mina, Grebisce and Zencisce are all very popular.

Walk around the harbour past Hotel Fontana and soon you are in Vitarnja territory, one of the most popular places for local holiday homes. And with good reason, given the view, beaches and prolonged sunshine.

Alternatively, walk on a little further towards Vrboska and discover some of the prettiest coves on Hvar.

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Vrboska (0)

Vrboska means two things to beach lovers: the wonderful wide child-friendly beach at Soline through the pine trees is one of the best family beaches on Hvar.

Not far away, however, and perfectly secluded is Hvar's premier naturist campsite and adjoining beach, and this is also much frequented in summer.

There are several other options to take a dip, one of the best of which is to walk past the marina towards Jelsa and find a cove that suits.

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Stari Grad

Stari Grad (7)

The hotels of Stari Grad are all located away from the old town across the harbour. Situated in pine forests, they also have access to some excellent family beaches.

There are plenty of other beach options from the old town as well, and for those with more of an adventurous spirit, why not hire a boat and discover the hidden gems of the nearby Kabal Peninsula?

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Hvar Town

Hvar Town (12)

Who needs beaches when one has the richness of the Pakleni Islands opposite?

Although not blessed with the best of the island's beaches, there are options for tourists who don't fancy the short the boat ride.

Indeed, if you are in the mood for indulgence, the Bonj les Bains beach club at Hotel Amfora was voted in the top 20 beaches in Europe in 2010.

Or why not walk a little further to the Hula Hula beach club, one of the most chilled places on Hvar, and you may bump into a famous celebrity or two, showing off their baby bumps to the world...

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Sućuraj (0)

 Most people view Sućuraj as a transit point and ferry to and from Dubrovnik, which is a shame, as it is a pretty, chilled place, with a nice atmosphere. It also has beaches. Good ones.

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Eastern Bays

Eastern Bays (1)

Hvar is virtually empty between Jelsa and Sućuraj, with just a handful of semi-abandoned stone villages and some coastal properties, but it is rich in beaches.

Head to the Stinivas - along the mysterious Road to Nowhere to Mala Stiniva or combine some beach time with rock climbing at Velika Stiniva - and Pokrivenik on the northern coast, or turn right at Gdinj and find some divine bays which you may well have to yourself.

Eastern Hvar is as remote as the island gets. It is also some of the island's prettiest nature, so if you are looking to get away from it completely, check out the beach options here.

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Sveta Nedjelja to Zavala

Sveta Nedjelja to Zavala (3)

The southern beach resorts of Zavala, Ivan Dolac and Sveta Nedjelja are some of the most popular on the island, and with good reason.

With spectacular views of the Adriatic only interrupted by the gorgeous small island of Scedro, combined with excellent family beaches, it is the perfect destination for a child-friendly holiday.

Zavala, gateway to Scedro, has some great family beaches of its own, while Ivan Dolac is one of the most popular places to rent, primarily for its kid-friendly beaches, while the lure of Zlatan Otok's outstanding wines is but one more reason to check out Sveta Nedjelja, now even more accessible with the new 'road' from Hvar Town.

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Kabal Peninsula

Kabal Peninsula (0)

One of the Hvar's great undiscovered areas, the Kabal Peninsula is a feast for people looking to escape the hordes and discover a private cove or two.

The most spectacular shots of Hvar from the air are of Kabal, with its numerous bays - and the good news for beach seekers is that most of the bays are virtually deserted.

If you are looking for company and an excellent beach, head to Zukova near the only settlements on the peninsula, Mala and Velika Rudina. If you are looking for something wilder, read on...

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28 Nov 2011, 18:36 PM
23 Mar 2015, 21:41 PM

Through the tunnel to the popular resort: Ivan Dolac

28 Nov 2011, 19:02 PM
23 Mar 2015, 23:08 PM

To the south - the lighthouse view at Pokojni Dol bay.

22 Mar 2015, 21:47 PM

The paradise of the Pakleni Islands and the bay of Ždrilca.

22 Mar 2015, 21:36 PM

Sandwiched between Milna and Pokonji Dol is a gem of a beach with its own Robsinson restaurant called Mekicevica.

22 Mar 2015, 21:21 PM

The paradise of the Pakleni Islands and the bay of Ždrilca.

21 Mar 2015, 23:56 PM

Home to a Roman spa centuries ago - Vlaka.

21 Mar 2015, 23:23 PM

Perna beach

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Perna on the Pakleni Islands - a hidden sandy beach.

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