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Followers of Total Hvar can be forgiven for thinking that the most common form of address on the island is ‘Eh –ee’, sounding like a drawn-out but crisp ‘a’ in English, and probably spelt ‘Ei’ in Croatian. Indeed, it probably is the most used greeting around the Total Hvar headquarters at Café Splendid in Jelsa.

However, it is not a greeting for strangers or formal occasions like visiting your bank manager, going for a job interview or meeting the prospective in-laws. Read about the correct forms of greetings, saying please and thank you and other useful basics of the Croatian language.

01 Dec 2012, 22:40 PM

Walking in line with the locals

01 Dec 2012, 16:52 PM

How to avoid being crunched by numbers

01 Dec 2012, 14:51 PM

Language and manners

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