Pakleni Islands

Pakleni Islands (7)

21 Mar 2015, 23:30 PM

A major surprise in a semi-hidden location away from the crowds - probably the best meal of the year.

24 Sep 2012, 22:43 PM
20 Sep 2012, 23:04 PM

Things are looking very chilled on Amo Beach on Jelolim this summer.

20 Sep 2012, 22:57 PM

Arguably one of the nicest is the restaurant on the eco-ethno islet of Galesnik amd the closest of the Pakleni Islands to Hvar.

20 Sep 2012, 22:54 PM

For some of the most laid back dining and most impressive olive trees on Hvar, head to Bacchus on Palmižana.

20 Sep 2012, 22:39 PM

There are not too many places which appeal to all the family for different reasons - old and young, male and female, active and passive. There is one on the Pakleni Islands, however. An introduction to Meneghello...

20 Sep 2012, 22:50 PM

A wonderful waterfront restaurant in a botanical garden. Toto's on Palmizana.

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