Milna to Dubovica

Milna to Dubovica (3)

Three slices of heaven to choose from within a short drive of each other, and the perfect day out from Hvar Town.

The much photographed Dubovica, pictured here, is arguably Hvar's prettiest bay, and certainly in demand in the summer.

A less than promising road down to Zarace bay reveals a hidden treasure including a film set for ex-President Mesic himself, while the culinary and beach delights of Milna could fill a book - we will try and be brief and to the point.

23 Mar 2015, 22:56 PM

The south side of Hvar - Zarace.

23 Mar 2015, 20:31 PM

The south side of Hvar - the spectacular bay of Dubovica.

29 May 2012, 07:20 AM

Milna Beach

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Famous for its excellent fish restaurants and child-friendly beaches.

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